When we think of Florida, we think of our toes in the sand on a warm sunny day at the
beach. However, the ocean may be a little chilly during fall. So, that leaves us with the question, what do we do in Florida during fall? There is so much to do in the Fall and Winter in Florida. One of the perks of not having temperatures below 65 degrees during the day, is that animals come out to enjoy our breezy, often 70 degree weather here in Florida. Which leaves us with many outdoor options to do. Whether, its taking a hike, visiting one of our many state parks, and/or going to a zoo, the options are endless. However, I am here to narrow some of these options down.

Seeing manatees, especially in the wild, has something about it that just brings peace
and calmness to us at Sweet Life & Co.. Actually, there is a manatee lagoon in West Palm
Beach, where manatees gather for the warm-water. The outflows of Florida Power & Light
Company’s Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center allows them access to warm water. There are sometimes hundreds of manatees and other marine life gathered in this lagoon. Not only do they offer this lagoon experience, but they offer movie nights, yoga classes, and more!

Another fun thing to do in Florida during our ‘chilly’ days is horseback riding! One of the
top places to visit for horseback riding is Rock Springs Run Trail Rides, located in Sorrento
Florida. The trails there are absolutely stunning!

Ready to be inspired? We are! Visit NASA Kennedy Space Center for an unforgettable
experience! This experience isn’t just educational, it’s intriguing. Visiting Kennedy Space Center gives you the ability to learn about the history of space, including the future and current missions and you can even get hands on experiences!

At Sweet Life & Co. we like nothing more than a nice day outside that is full of adventure.
So, we thought, let’s visit a beautiful State Park with tons of things to do. Wekiwa Springs State park came to mind right away! Not only do they have beautiful water, but you can camp, hike, canoe, tube, and explore for wildlife!

Lion, tigers and bears OH MY! During Fall the animals tend to come out more than on a
hot sunny day in Florida and that’s why we at Sweet Life & Co. recommend visiting one of our many zoos in Florida.

Here is a list of the top rated zoos in Florida:
1. Jacksonville Zoo and Garden
2. ZooTampa at Lowry Park
3. Zoo Miami

If you are looking for something local to do look no further, The Palm Beach Zoo, offers
many things to do which include: a splash pad, animal experiences and many shows! One of our favorite experiences at The Palm Beach Zoo is their Zoo Lights event. This event has the zoo lit up with illuminating, eco-friendly lights after hours.

Here at Sweet Life & Co., we truly appreciate the rehabilitation of wild animals. At Busch
Wildlife Sanctuary, here in Jupiter, Florida, they rehabilitate and offer free medical care to over 5,000 animals annually. What’s best is they also offer an experience to walk around FREE and see these animals first hand.

At Sweet Life & Co. we offer more than just top notch Real Estate services, we offer local area to-do’s! If you or anyone you may know have a real estate need, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We appreciate you. Happy Fall!